Kelkkala district

Kelkkala was already known in the 17th century when the area had a couple of inhabitants and sharecroppers. The area was mainly pasture until the end of the 19th century when the town bought large areas from Kelkkala, Keisilä, and Maaskola. The inhabitation was still scarce at the turn of the 19th and 20th century and mostly centred around Pietarintie road. At the turn of the century, Kelkkala had 20 houses with 185 inhabitants. The housing was densest at the corner of Puistokatu street (from 1929 Valtakatu) and Pietarintie road. The areas of Kelkkala, Kiesilä, and Räikkölä were incorporated into the town in 1928 when building of new planned plots progressed fast. Town planning was made by Otto-Iivari Meurman with the aim to fast connect the areas to the water, sewer, electrical and street networks.

For example, Viipurin Puuseppätehdas, Suomen Tulitikkutehdas Oy, Viipurin Faneritehdas Oy, Uusi Suomalainen Jäätelötehdas, Kelkkalan Puusepäntehdas Oy, Leipomo Emil Immonen, and Maakuntain Margariini Oy, whose margarine and artificial lard won gold in a food fat quality competition in 1935, were located in Kelkkala.