Imatra gebied

Imatra area was incorporated into Vyborg in 1924. There was inhabitation in the area already at the beginning of the 19th century. The roads to Imatra and Heinjoki went through the area. Mount Papula with a park founded in the 1880s was located in Imatra. The first construction was made in 1888 when a wooden observation tower was built there. At the beginning of the 20th century it was replaced with a steely 15-metre-high observation tower, which was called Pilipuu. A water tower with an observation tower was built into the park in 1892 and a restaurant pavilion in 1908.

Papula old people’s home was introduced in 1890. By the end of the century, five or six buildings had been built on the plot. In 1918 the old people’s home had 460 residents. After the facilities became too cramped, some of the residents moved to the new old people’s home of Maaskola in 1924. In addition, a reception home for small children, sports field, garage, combat school, dockyard, and open-air theatre were located in Imatra.

There were an eight-hole golf course, two tennis courts, and a sauna in Huusniemi park. The town centre could be accessed by motor boat from the quay. It was possible to watch passenger ships of Saimaa Canal from the paved park terrace.