Treinstation tuin van de nationale treinstations van Finland

Vyborg had rails to five directions. The rails to Riihimäki and Rajajoki were finished in 1870. The traffic via Antrea and Hiitola to Sortavala was opened in 1894. The rails to Koivisto were finished in 1925 with a blind track to Uura harbour in 1926. The rails to Valkjärvi via Äyräpää were finished in 1932.

About 1.3 million tons of goods arrived in Vyborg by train in 1936. Most of the goods were exported through the harbours. Vyborg was the second largest exportation port of Finland.

The railway company was the largest employer in Vyborg with about 700 employees in 1939. A beautiful railway station built in 1913, freight terminal and office, workshops for repair of locomotives and wagons, warehouse and office buildings, forge building, boiler barrel workshop, railway depot buildings, and switchover monitor tower for passenger traffic control were located at the wide railway yard. There were several bridges for intersecting traffic at the railway yard.