El barrio del Siikaniemi

Siikaniemi area was inhabited already at the beginning of the Vyborg history.

The town expanded to the west in the 17th century when a town plan was made there. Siikaniemi was supposedly fully built and the housing had also expanded to Tervaniemi, whose shore areas were occupied by warehouses. During the Great Northern War, the buildings were largely destroyed, especially in Tervaniemi where Peter the Great with his troops disembarked in 1710.

Importance of Siikaniemi changed dramatically in the 1730s when building of a fortress called Pyhän Annan Kruunu started. Tervaniemi became a military command area and barracks and gunpowder cellars were built there. The westward traffic went through the fortress gates until 1860s when the wall was pierced and Siikaniemenkatu street was built through it.

For example, a military storehouse, headquarters for the second division and service regiment, and a commandant’s office were located in Siikaniemi. Provincial archives, a yacht club, and beach were located in Tervaniemi.