Käremäki district

Käremäki area was inhabited at the beginning of the 20th century on the lands of Dippel and Mansikka. There were only a few houses in 1915 but after Finland became independent the number of houses increased rapidly. The narrow road caused traffic difficulties among the closely built houses. Thus, building of a new road to Johannes and Koivisto was started but it was not finished by November 1939. Käremäki had been incorporated into the town of Vyborg in 1924.

For example, Kelkkalan Puusepäntehdas Oy, Autokoritehdas, Kotelotehdas Oy, Höylä- ja Sahatavara Oy Kurki ka Kumpp., Leipomo P. Smand, L. Kettusen Auto- ja konekorjaamo, and Puutyövalmistamo R. Karukoski were located in Käremäki.